Language Learning: Advanced Level

This is part of a longer post about language learning from the section about how to go from knowing nothing to becoming fluent.

At this stage you have achieved conversational fluency. Your vocabulary is still quite small compared to a native speaker and you probably have a little accent still. You can focus on learning more advanced vocabulary or targeted accent reduction for additional style points or if need in a professional setting. However, to me, conversational fluency is the end goal. You will need to practice every once in a while to keep your skills sharp but you can just consume media to do so, no more hard work is really needed.

  • Types of practice: Consuming native media, socializing, Anki flashcards with advanced/technical vocabulary
  • Goals: Sound like a native
  • Timeframe: Forever, the language is a part of you now

To be honest, I am currently struggling with how to juggle multiple languages at a high level with limited time and I would appreciate some advice on this. I imagine there is an optimal cadence for refreshing that I haven’t found yet. If you use the language enough in your daily life, it shouldn’t be a problem. For example, I encounter plenty of Spanish speakers and thus practice often. However, there are relatively few Portuguese speakers and thus I have to figure out my own method.