Here is a running list of some of my past projects.

Ethereum Digital Identity – Web

Prototype for an Ethereum-based identity system. The use case is using an Ethereum wallet as a universal login where you give apps permission to get certain data from your profile. If the identity app is on your phone, you could log in by scanning a QR code presented by the website you want to use. Github repo.

UnTicket – Android/iOS

I teamed up with a parking ticket expert and some lawyers to fight parking tickets for people. Users take a picture and upload their ticket and tell us what happened and we’d fight the ticket for them. We were growing until the city kindly asked us to “cease” and “desist.”

I made the mobile apps for Android/iOS, the backend API and ticket processing system, and developed the ticket fighting algorithm.

higi – Android/iOS

high lets you track your health data like weight, BMI, blood pressure, etc. over time. This app had an immense amount of screens and functionality. Some challenging problems: optimizing and clustering 20,000+ markers in Google Maps view, custom graphs, custom animations, location geo-fencing, step tracking, third party device integrations, and more.

Open Library – Android

Open Library is an initiative of the Internet Archive, building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. This app let you read and checkout books.

GiftPrompt – Android

GiftPrompt lets you send virtual gifts, such as gift card and discount codes, to your friends and family.

Worldview Wallpaper – Android

Worldview Wallpaper provides time-elapsed photos of beautiful places around the world. The time of the photos matches the current time of day. This was fun to make because the UI was limited. It was interesting to think about designing interactions in a new way.

IMO Search – Android

Niche tool for doctors to look up billing codes.

Etsy Calculator – Android

My first app. Posted here for sentimental reasons. We all start somewhere!