A case for using Tor

If you care about privacy, I advocate downloading The Tor Browser.  Tor is a private web browser. It’s like Incognito Mode except it’s actually incognito. Using Tor every once in a while provides some additional cover those who for really need anonymity, like journalists, whistleblowers. Using the network, even browsing boring, everyday internet traffic, makes it’s more expensive to identify any one user.

Tor works by sending your internet traffic through many other computers on its way to your destination site in a way that makes it more difficult to track where the traffic originated.  Tor is also notorious because it lets users connect to the darknet, which is sort of an underground internet with some legitimate and not so legitimate uses.

Tor is an important tool to protect privacy and promote the free flow of information. While some people use these anonymizing services for criminal purposes like buying drugs (or worse), others use it to read materials or discuss topics banned in their country.  Some people require anonymity and privacy for their personal safety, including civil rights activists under oppressive regimes, journalists, whistleblowers, and law enforcement.